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Central Alberta foreclosure count (updated) September 2018

Over the last few years, the Red Deer and Central Ab real estate market has been less than ideal. Oil prices dropped, unemployment increased, mortgage rules toughened and the market slowed. Unfortunately, when a market runs into troubles we see more foreclosures hit the market.

I’ve decided to do a foreclosure breakdown count monthly detailing the total number of foreclosure homes on the market and chart how the numbers trend.

I mentioned above how our local market struggled the last few years but surprisingly enough foreclosure numbers didn’t change much.

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Currently on Sept 8st, 2018 in Central Alberta there are:

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87 foreclosure units for sale (down 2 since June 1st)

50 single family detached foreclosure units for sale (up 8 since June 1st)

15 condominium foreclosure units for sale (down 2 since June 1st)

13 acreage foreclosure units for sale (down 1 since June 1st)

0 mobile home foreclosure units for sale (down 6 since June 1st

9 other (half duplex, townhome…) foreclosure units for sale (down 1 since June 1st)

In a few weeks with a sample of more data, I will repost these counts and start charting to see how the numbers trend.

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